Streamlining Transport Management in Film Productions

Streamlining Transport Management in Film Productions

In my journey with Stunning Digital Solutions, I have always sought to optimize processes and solutions for the film industry. After the success with Rainforest, a database that revolutionized contract management for extras in the Extras Department of the “The Lord of the Rings” series, the production team asked if I could implement a similar solution for the Transport Department to manage the large number of swing drivers – freelance drivers who would be hired.

The Challenge

In the Extras Department, we digitized and automated all processes related to contracts and documentation, being the first department to do so. The production team was dealing with a large number of crew contracts that were being processed archaically with paper. Knowing that the Transport Department would soon be hiring a large number of freelance drivers across the country for logistics operations (swing drivers) during filming, I was asked to create a similar solution to what was done in the Extras Department.

The logistics involved filming in various locations across New Zealand, both on the North Island and the South Island. The complexity increased due to different contracts for various categories and work situations, requiring meticulous organization and an efficient database to ensure drivers were always available in different areas of the country.

The Request

Recognizing the success of Rainforest, the production team suggested that I develop a similar solution for the Transport Department. The complexity of this new project lay in the various types of contracts, licenses, and responsibilities of the drivers, which differed from traditional crew contracts. The solution also needed to generate timecards and calculate each driver’s costs according to their work hours, with calculations and methods different from those used for the crew.

The Solution: Lindis Pass

Thus, Lindis Pass was born, a database that not only digitized the swing drivers’ contracts but also categorized them according to their licenses and specific responsibilities. This innovative system allowed:

  1. Personalized Contract Management: Each driver was categorized according to their qualifications and responsibilities, directing them to the correct contract.
  2. Specific Time Card Calculation: We developed a timecard calculation system that catered to the specificities of swing drivers’ contracts, ensuring payment accuracy.
  3. Centralized Information: All pertinent information, such as driving licenses and categories, was centralized, facilitating management and quick access to important data.
  4. Location-Based Organization: The database allowed the organization of drivers by region, ensuring drivers were always available in different parts of the country.

Efficiency and Complete Digitization

Lindis Pass brought significant efficiency to the Transport Department:

  • Digitized and Signed Contracts: All swing driver contracts were signed electronically on iPads, generated as PDFs, and organized in Box according to Amazon’s guidelines, completely eliminating the use of paper.
  • Detailed Financial Reports: The solution enabled the creation of detailed weekly and daily financial reports, differentiating costs by unit (Main Unit, Second Unit) and providing a clear view of the budget by unit.
  • Expense Management: The system supported particularities such as split shifts, per diem, and accommodation, ensuring precise and fair financial management.

Future Implementations: Lindis Pass

We are planning new functionalities to make Lindis Pass even more comprehensive:

  1. Vehicle Database: In addition to drivers, a detailed vehicle database will be implemented. This will include information on rental contracts, dates, suppliers, and documents stored as PDFs and photos for damage tracking.
  2. Driver and Vehicle Integration: Integrating the databases will allow scheduling drivers with specific vehicles, maintaining a detailed history of both drivers and vehicles.
  3. Logistics and Fuel Management: Implementation of intelligent logs for collecting mileage and fuel cost information, providing a detailed view of operational expenses.
  4. Easy Document Access: The database will allow quick access to any document, saving time and resources.

Design and Identity

The solution’s name, Lindis Pass, was inspired by one of New Zealand’s most scenic roads, located between the towns of Cromwell and Omarama in the Otago region. To maintain the company’s style, we chose a layout and color palette reflecting the essence of roads and journeys, using brown and earthy tones. This aesthetic choice not only reinforced the visual identity of the solution but also honored Jared Conan, the UPM and one of the location scouts for the original “The Lord of the Rings,” recognized for his extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes.


Lindis Pass is a clear example of how innovation and technology can transform traditional processes, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the film industry. At Stunning Digital Solutions, we remain committed to developing solutions that meet the specific needs of each department, contributing to more organized and successful productions.

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