Thiago Moraes

Film Crew and Solution Architect 

I’m a Brazilian who’s been living in Auckland and working in the NZ Film Industry for the last twelve years. I started out as a casting director in Brazil in the early 2000s

Arrived in Auckland in 2008 I worked on  Spartacus and Legends of the Seeker, whilst getting to know people and establishing a network in the local industry. This led to me establishing my first company Great Talent Management,  supplying extras and Actors to projects across the film, TV, and advertising industries. 

For the last 8 years as director of Great Talent, I’ve worked with a range of clients.

Running a business has been hugely rewarding, however I never intended to leave film production behind completely. 

I’ve always really enjoyed the side of running my business involving forecasting, budgeting, statistics, logistical operations, human resources,  and cost reports. Every production brings with it a new and different challenge, and these are skills I was keen to grow and strengthen and decide to become a Solution Architecture and start a new company “Stunning Film Solutions”. 

Solution Architecture is a practice of designing, describing, and managing solution engineering concerning specific business problems. A solution architect is a person responsible for leading the preparation and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution.
Stunning Film Solutions specialises in customising modern apps that are tailor to solve unique Film Industry problems.  

I would love the chance to meet and work with you further. 

Yours Sincerely 

Thiago Moraes

Curriculum Vitae

Great Talent Management Production Ltd


Director Manager
2012 – Present

Coordinate and Management all Business operation, Marketing Program, Account, Human Resource and Webdesigner.

Freelance Film Crew New Zealand


Production Assistant/ Stand-in
2009 – Present

General Administration , Film Crew, Stant-in, Location Assistant, Runner, Casting Coordinator, Assistant of Director.

Salem Marketing Agency   São Paulo – Brazil


Event Manager
2007 – 2008

Development, Production, Delivering Events on Time. Managing supplier, Directing and Support Crew, Project Budgets from Start to Finish

Several Film Production and Event   Sao Paulo Brazil
Freelance Film Crew and Event Production
2002 – 2006

Planning Event Programme, responding e-mail enquires, researching suppliers, negotiating contracts  and other duties.

Organisational Skill
Management 0%
Multi Task 0%
Financial/Accounting 0%
Creativity 0%
Social Skill
Computer Skill
Adobe Photoshoop0%
Video Editing 0%
FileMaker Data Base0%
Wordpress - Website0%
English 0%
Spanish 0%
Japonese 0%


High school

Rudolf Steiner Shcool

São Paulo – Brazil

1992 – 1995

International Christian Univesity

Tokyo – Japan



Drama School Incenna

Acting Course

São Paulo Brazil

2004 – 2008

Studio Fatima Toledo

Acting for Film

São Paulo – Brazil


Atelie Artes de Oficion

Acting for Film



Anhembi Morumbi University

Direction for Radio and TV

São Paulo – Brazil

1999 – 2002

UNIMEP Universtiy

Law School

Piracicaba – Brazil

1999 – 2002

Diploma in Business

Edenz College

Business Course

Auckland – New Zealand

2008 – 2009

Latest Work

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  • Film Regional Government Office
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  • Stunning Claris FileMaker Solutions
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