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Thiago Moraes

Film Crew / Developer

Thiago Moraes is a visionary leader and expert in the film and digital solutions industries, currently residing in Australia. With a rich background in cinema and film production, Thiago’s career began in São Paulo, Brazil, where he attended university for Radio and TV. He has extensive experience in commercial productions, focusing on casting, acting coaching, and film production.

In 2008, Thiago moved to New Zealand, where he continued his work in the film industry and event production. His innovative mindset led him to work on the TV series “Spartacus,” further solidifying his expertise in the industry.

Thiago founded Great Talent, a talent agency in New Zealand, in 2011, where he managed all operational aspects. In 2019, he developed “Rainforest Stunning” for the series “Lord of the Rings,” digitizing and automating traditional production processes to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. He also created “Remarkables,” an application for managing extras and actors on TV commercial sets, inspired by Queenstown’s beautiful landscapes and Apple’s design philosophy.

Today, Thiago Moraes is the driving force behind Stunning Digital Solutions, a Claris FileMaker Partner company based in New Zealand. The company provides innovative digital solutions tailored to various industries, including film production, stores, and small businesses. Thiago leverages his extensive experience in the film industry and his creativity to improve business processes, ensuring that Stunning Digital Solutions stays at the forefront of the digital landscape.